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American English Radio Project (AERP)

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Presently, a total of 17 Community Radio stations are on air located in 16 different districts covering all 7 divisional geographic regions namely Rangpur, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The rate of literacy, culture, dialect, ritual norms, profession, and fashion of communication are observed different from region to region. In this phase, the project is planning to implement the activities by addressing the livelihood of all seven regions and the communities as well.

Overview of the Project

Since September 2012, American English Radio Project (AERP) has been implementing for upgrading English language skills of the community radio listeners in Bangladesh. The project has started as a pilot phase in one community radio station namely “Pollikontho” at Moulvibazar. In last October 01, 2013, the 3rd phase of the project has replicated in additional 4 radio stations in 4 different parts of the country namely Radio Padma of Rajshahi, Radio Jhenuk of Jhenaidah, Radio Sagor Giri of Chittagong and Radio Naf of Cox’s Bazar.

The learning of the 3rd phase lessons were adapted in developing the proposal of AERP 4th phase.  During implementation of the project, it was observed that the demand and interest of English learning listeners are increasing rapidly. Listeners were getting program-friendly environment in the radio stations. They visited the stations to meet the program producers, presenters, facilitators and voice players to share their experiences. They sent SMS, mail and made phone calls to the presenters and producers during the live broadcasting. This experience made AERP Team confident to replicate and continue this project in all 17 CR stations of the country.


This AERP 4th phase is implementing through all 17 community radio stations in different parts of Bangladesh. The stations are Community Radio Chilmari of Chilmari, Kurigram, Radio Sarabela of Gaibanda, Radio Borendra of Naogaon, Radio Mukti of Bogra, Radio Padma of Rajshahi, Radio Mohananda of Chaipai Nawabgonj, Radio Jhenuk of Jhenaidah, Radio Nalta of Satkhira, Radio Sundarban of Koyra, Khulna, Krishi Radio of Amtoli, Barguna, Lokobetar of Barguna, Radio Meghna of Char Fashion, Bhola, Radio Sagar Dwip of Hatia, Noakhali, Radio Naf of Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, Radio Sagorgiri of Sitakund, Chittagong, Radio Pollikontho of Moulvibazar and Radio Bikrampur of Munshigonj.

Target Audience

The project will address the need of low intermediate level English Language learners (who have had a minimum of about a year of English study). Besides, radio episodes will specifically target the secondary and higher level students of schools, madrashas and colleges; the drop-outs, members of listeners groups, English language teachers in local institutions, English language club members and other potential radio listeners, interested in English language learning.


Improve the English language skills of the outreach audience by using Community Radio in Bangladesh


  • To create a listeners-friendly environment in the rural communities to learn English language for building up their carrier.
  • To develop radio episodes by revising the existing learning materials and broadcast for the rural learners through 17 Community Radio stations in Bangladesh.
  • To develop, remake and broadcast rural success stories as educational and motivational materials for encouraging the community people for learning English language.
  • To engage community radio staffs, veteran teachers, listeners and consultants from national and international level in content development, program monitoring, evaluation, further improvement, continuation and extension of the project in the future.


September 30, 2015 to March 31, 2018


USD 109,920


  1. Orientation of Radio staffs on the project goal, objectives and activities.
  2. Develop and Broadcast Radio episodes on English Language.
  3. Training of Engaging English Language Teachers
  4. Orientation for Engaging Radio Listeners Club (RLC)
  5. Develop and Publish “Teacher’s Handbook” for local English Language Teachers
  6. Develop and Publish Promotional and Behavioral Change Communication Materials like Booklet, Leaflets, Brochure, and Banners etc.
  7. Establish American English Listeners’ Corner (AELC)
  8. Develop American English Radio Website (AERWeb) for English Language Listeners
  9. Create Network of Radio Listeners’ Club Members
  10. Establish Forum for the Listeners and Local English Language Teachers
  11. Campaign and advocacy
  12. Broadcast Radio Shorts featuring Success Stories
  13. National level Knowledge Sharing Workshop
  14. Exchange visit to Oklahoma University, USA

Outcome of the project

After completion of the project, the level of English language skills of the target students, potential listeners and veteran teachers will be improved. We expect an approximately 300,000 listeners will be benefitted from the total project AERP. There will be a certain numbers of proven English language learning materials be ready for replicating in other Community radio stations in Bangladesh.

Communication Strategy

Three-fold project approach constitutes of Engaging 1. Community radios, 2. English language teachers and 3. Radio listeners’ club members will be followed for smooth operation of the project.

Annual Progress Report



Mark Manas Saha
Coordinator – AERP, BNNRC
Tel: 88 02 9130750, 9138501, 9101479
Cell: +880 1712144180