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BNNRC – Care-Bangladesh Partnership program

Name of the project:

“Broadcasting good practices of inclusive governance in interactive programs through Community Radio stations”-a partnership program between BNNRC and Care-Bangladesh



The goal of this project is very much relevant to the vision, mission and strategy of CARE Bangladesh to address the linkages between poverty alleviation and participatory inclusive governance. In this partnership project, BNNRC is assisting CARE Bangladesh on developing community radio program of best practices of citizen engagement in budgetary process, access to information, and social accountability to make local authority responsive to more allocation of resources and services on poverty alleviation following Union Parishad Act 2009 and Right to Information Act. It has been clear that there are quite significant areas of common interest between BNNRC and CARE Bangladesh and a great potential for future collaboration and joint learning. Through this program, both BNNRC and CARE are willing to build mutual understanding for a long term “Right to Information” partnership aligned with CARE Bangladesh program agenda.



Program Objectives:

* Engagement of marginalized citizen, local government and service provider in interactive programs based on learning in local government across country.

* Broadcasting of best practices in social accountability, constructive citizen engagement, union Parishad Act 2009, transparent budgeting and Right to information Act.

Operational Strategies:

This collaboration began from 1 November, 2015 and will remain valid till October 31, 2017 end of JATRA project of CARE Bangladesh funded by GPSA /WB. BNNRC will be responsible for conducting the following pieces of works within this project:
* Contribute on developing primer of magazine events of radio program in inclusive governance to be aired in 5 corner of the country.
* Arrange orientation on interactive radio program to station manager of community radio in 5 station, care staff and local journalists.
* Arrange logistics related to radio broadcasting in JATRA operating Upazila and community radio station.
* Facilitate the event in 5 community radio stations; arrange question and answer session received by citizen, coordination between base station for discussion and air station of broadcasting.
* Deliver telegraphic report, including photo, and record of the program.
* Deliver two inter active radio programs each year for two years, a total of four events on four issues of local governance, and each event will be aired after live program 2 times in all 5 stations as agreed with budget, premier and event magazine provided by CARE.

CARE will provide administrative and staff cost as agreed in the budget each year. In the first year, CARE will provide a budget of BDT 4, 25,000 including a settlement on vat and tax, as per government procedure. The event of radio program for second year would be mutually agreed upon new budget.
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