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Community Radio Borendro 99.2

Liza, a ten year old girl of Noagaon’s Nondigram, has been working as a house made for a long one and half year. She was suffering inhumane torture at the house – through this long time. A report, describing the unending woes of Liza, was aired on Community Radio Borendro 99.2, which created a stir among the people. Law enforcers then took instant actions against the accused individuals. Many such examples put Borendro Radio 99.2 in the core of peoples’ mind within a very short time.

The program, “Accountability of Local Government” anchored by Mahfuz Faruk, has made the people of the remote area – conscious regarding their rights. Local people, participating in the program, are outlining their views on the local government, while elected local government representatives are directly answering different questions at the program. As a result, transparency of the local government and accountability practice has begun in the community through the program.

Borendro Radio has started its test transmission on March 8, 2012, following the initiatives taken by local non government development organization Human Rights Development Association. Currently, the station is airing programs between the hours of 9.30am to 10pm.

Different programs on the community peoples’ problems, possibilities and successes have created a stir among the listeners. The station has a big range of around 5 Lac listeners.

A team of 96 volunteers are currently working at Borendro Radio, who are producing and presenting their programs and news. ‘Borendro Radio Child Club’ has been formed in five

educational institutions of the community. Suppressed children of the area are being able to put forward their joys, sorrows and hopes through this radio.

A report on the possibilities of cumin cultivation has created a great interest among the local farmers, and many of the farmers contacted to the station to know details on cumin cultivation-following the report.

Reporter Ashok Chakrobarti meanwhile informed that not only interested farmers, but also top agricultural officers talked to the station regarding the report, and congratulated them. “Addiction”, an anti drug awareness program is also very popular in the community. Law enforcers, Madok Niyontron Odhodoptor & their activists and representatives from the young generation are participating in the program to raise awareness regarding the bad effects of drugs in the community.

Different programs like “Narider Kotha” have exposed many stories of women victims of torturing, which played a very significant role in raising awareness among the people against women torture. Moreover, Aiyeen-Adalot, Protibondhi, Rannaghor, Tech update, Shastho Kotha, alongside recreational programs like Ar Ki Chai, Shunte Ki Pao, Bondhur Khoje, Ho-Jo-Bo-Ro-Lo, Bandhu Adda Hashi, Shonali Adda, Shilpir Kotha and Gan Valobeshe Gan have also earned huge popularity in the community.

Among the recreation based programs, Shilpir Kotha and Gan Valobeshe Gan have provided platforms to the local singers to present the local songs, as well as inspired the local singers to a great extent. Agricultural programs have also earned much popularity.

Listeners are being able to know different agricultural information, while local agriculturalists and agricultural officers answer to the listeners’ quarries at the programs. Among the listeners from all classes of the community, the number of student & young listeners is relatively higher. Regular 400 to 500 sms are proof of the station’s popularity. Moreover, people sometimes are found listening to Borendro Radio in loud speaker at different marketplaces, Auto-rickshaws and rickshaws.

Despite such successes, Borendro Radio’s main challenge is economic problem. The station is yet to be self sufficient, while more training on producing standard programs and news are essential for the station.


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