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Broadcasting Awareness Program Through Radio

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Women in our society, have engaged with so many activities in which their livelihood strategies are not defined as “economically active employment in national accounts systems, yet are crucial to the wellbeing. These issues have been highlighted very well in a recently published document of a survey “Rapid Care Analysis’ or RCA which was published by Oxfam in Bangladesh.

Economic and political empowerment of women and gender equality have been considered as vital issue or a core agenda to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), since the matter has been less focused or almost absent in media coverage. One of the most important causes among lot of factors is lack of professional skills and understanding of media broadcasters to cover this issue in media. Keeping this in mind, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) in collaboration with Oxfam in Bangladesh has initiated a short term pilot project ‘Broadcasting Awareness Program Through Radio’ during the end of last March, 2016 to build capacity and improved understanding of the broadcasters to ensure the wider coverage of the issue in media and create a solid impact in changing the traditional mindset towards girls and women.

In this partnership project, BNNRC was assisting Oxfam in Bangladesh through developing four community radio programmes to aware the mass communities about the issues of unpaid care works provided by the women. It is expected that after broadcasting of the programme, the local community will take initiative to reduce and redistribute all unpaid care works, so that women can enjoy and control their own time, and will participate or focus more in their empowerment issues. This joint collaboration continued from 15 March, 2016 to May 31, 2016.

Under this agreement BNNRC has signed an MOU with community radio station Chilmari 99.2 FM, as the station coverage areas are situated in the project areas (Chilmari, Kurigram) of Oxfam. The target audience of this radio programmes were 4,80,000 (Four Lac Eighty Thousand people of the radio station coverage areas (05 Upazillas especially the Roumari upazilla of the Kurigram District, Rangpur).


To sensitize the mass communities, concerned local government and service providers of 05 upazillas of Kurigram district through broadcasting interactive community radio programmes for highlighting women’s contribution and influence to bring positive changes in beliefs and policies about the equal distribution of care responsibilities between male and female, the specific objectives of this project are:

  1. To sensitize and motivate the Broadcasters of Radio Chilmari on producing more programmes on unpaid care work of women issues and mobilize the local communities to break all the barriers of their empowerment.
  2. To mobilize the concern local government, non-government, local women activists including local civil society groups through radio programmes for taking initiatives to ensure the availabilities of 8 essential facilities at the local community or household level.

Project Duration:

 15 March, 2016 to May 31, 2016.

Expected Results

After the project the sensitized broadcasters will be motivated to produce and broadcast more programmes on this issue.

Through listening of the radio programmes of its kind, the mobilized community leaders (within the Community Radio Station coverage areas) with supports of their local community people will be contribute to ensure of their women’s empowerment by providing supportive roles and responsibilities.