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Name of the project:

Building Capacity to produce interactive, audience-led governance Program through community radio

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Project Period:

August 2015 to March 2016

Project Implemented by:

Radio Chilmari and Radio Sagargiri under coordination of BNNRC and the supports from BBC Media Action

Background of the Project:

BBC Media Action and BNNRC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the month of August 2015 to work jointly with two community radio stations to produce pilots of interactive, audience-led governance programme.This MOU has been accomplished to trial techniques that build on the experience of the existing national Sanglap programme which BBC Media Action has been producing through a national-level television debate programme since 2005.While there is an increasing demand from audiences for the opportunity to question leaders on local issues related to public services, citizens do not have any platform to come face to face, to collaborate and to actively participate in the decision-making process. This has made the rationale to involve community radio stations as the only media platform to play an effective role in governance process at local level. As BNNRC is the only apex organization to coordinate and support all the radio stations, the work has aimed to engage directly with BNNRC and to analyse and strengthen the knowledge and skills within the network to allow member stations to be assisted in working on local governance issues. The following activities have been accomplished during the time-period:

1. Selection of Radio Stations: At the beginning of the project, BBC Media Action selected two community radio stations in consultation with BNNRC senior level staffs.Considering the geographical spread one station i.e. Radio Chilmari has been selected from the northern region. The other station-Radio Sagargiri was selected from the southern region of the country.

2. Capacity Need Assessment: Capacity need of two stations have been assessed. The participants shared their existing knowledge and experience in program production. They discussed comprehensively about their present understanding and skill regarding program production, selection of program formats, scripting, outdoor recording, editing, presentation and feedback management received from the listeners after broadcasting. This discussion helped the BBC Team to assess the level of skills and to identify the gaps of the Radio Chilmari and Radio Sagargiri producers which also helped them to make appropriate plan for future capacity building interventions.

3. Training on Governance based community radio programme format and editorial guideline: Under the skill development effort of the staffs of selected radio stations, training on program development skill and editorial guideline have been organized in two stations.

4. Theory into Practice: After the theoretical training Radio Chilmari produced 02 programs on performance of local governance in Union Parishad titled as Jago Bahe [Brother, please wake up] and “Janatar Mukhomukhi”in Radio Sagorgiri.The programs were prepared in talk-show format.In the talk show, the local elected representatives presented face-to-face to the community people and responded to their queries. For example, during recording of the talk show –Jago Baho at Chilmari, the community people directly asked the Chairman about the quality and progress in embankment works in their area. The people, on behalf of 250 river-eroded families asked for a permanent solution (rehabilitation) for river-erosion.

5. Develop a Guideline on Producing People-led Content: Basing on the field experience BNNRC has taken initiative to develop a guideline on producing people-led content which will be used by the community radio broadcasters in the country. BBC Media Action Team has provided guidance and support in the process

Some feedbacks to share
Janatar Mukho Mukhi : Feedbacks after broadcasting

On Episode-1

From listener:


Name: Md.Nur Alom

Maddyer dhari,Sayed pur,Sitakunda


“People of our area could know better now about the services of UP and the roles and responsibilities of the representatives. Peaceful resolution of disputes called “Salishi” has been increased through negotiation between the opponent parties. The time-length should be increased of such a program so that more people can ask the questions.”

From the Chairman



Name: M.Tajul Islam

01, Sayedpur UP,Sitakunda


“Our community is informed now about the services of Union Parishads and also of their rights.The program has also identified the problems which helped me to take appropriate steps for the solution.”


Name: Sheikh Salahuddin

Correspondent,Dainik Purbadesh and Mohona TV

Mirersarai, Sitakunda, Chittagong

Cell: 01819-858038


“To my knowledge, this type of talk show is first of its kind through community radio. This type of program will help the people to speak of their rights and access to Union Parishad services. This will ensure to fulfill their demands. As a journalist I will publish these in my newspaper and contribute to this community radio efforts in awareness raising of the people.”

From a Journalist


JAGO BAHE after broadcasting

On Episode 01


From Listeners


Name of listener: Mukta Rani Sarkar

Occupation: Teaching

Cell no: 01728276860


“Our Chairman seems responsible now.Earlier,there was no plan to put blocks in the river to protect our kadamtali from river-erosion.After the broadcasting of the program the work has been started.We will be saved from river-erosion now.


Radio Chilmari should produce a follow up program on these activities”.

Name of the listener: Bishnu Chandra Das

Occupation: Tailoring

Cell no: 01745476973


“Chairman has taken various steps in our area.After broadcasting of this program,putting blocks into the river has been started in Majhipara.Our area will be protected now.”


Radio Chilmari should produce a follow up program on these activities”.

 From the Chairman:

Name: B M Abul Hossain

Occupation: Chairman,Hatiya Union Parishad

Cell no: 017489 65768


“I could know the problems in details now. I am now able to do proper plan for development works in my area. Putting concrete blocks to stop river-erosion has been started already. I will take all possible steps to save my union from the river-erosion”.


Radio Chilmari should produce a follow up program on these activities”.


From Journalist:

Name: Md.Saheb Ali Mondal

Sangbad Prtideen (Ulipur Correspondent)

Phone: 01749865149


“Broadcasting of such a program made our chairmen more active,responsive and accountable to the people.They are now taking effective steps in local development.Local journalists can also help in the process of establishing good governance at local level through reporting and supplying authentic information.”

  • In response to a question from a community representative during the 4th episode the Chairman of Tabakpur union gave commitment to repair a road from Bamaner hat to Kajoldanga.Now the work has been started.