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Community Media News Agency- CMNA


Emergence of Community Media is recent phenomenon in Bangladesh. Community Radio got the permission from authority in 2009 and started their broadcast in 2011. The successful interventions of community radio create an encouraging environment for other means of communication with the community people.

From the very beginning of its intervention Community Media facing immense challenge to serve the community interest. Mainstream media rarely serve the community interest as because it has different goal. Even when the mainstream media cover the news, which could not able to serves the community interest properly.

The real scenario of the community are alarming growth of people, scarcity of food, shelter, education, health, social crime, violence in the rural areas remain unexposed accurately. The people who lives in grassroots level, coastal areas, hill- tracts, they have been not the target audience of mainstream media thus they did not get well attention even their struggle to live, their wishes and desires do not get opportunity to take any place in mainstream media.

Community Media News Agency can fill the gap and able to serve community interest. It will give more proficiency in sharing information of the disadvantaged community people in relation to preserve the rights of them in the society.

In one sense, media now dominates the world and now converted into multiform practices. The Community Media News Agency is such a significant and influential practice. Community Media News Agency will capable to formulate a big network within different media by its proficiency. Generally, News works, when an extensive publicity is essential about an issue.

The news on social violence, crime, accidents treated as the mainstream news. On the other hand, a large number of people are struggling to live, faces several problems in their life, a large number of children been died, a large number of woman have been deprived. Nevertheless, these pictures treated as useless information. Community Media News Agency faces multifaceted challenges to serve the community interest.

As our observation, the challenges of Community Media:

  1. 1.Insufficient resource to deploy journalists and infrastructure for information collection.
  2. 2.Lack of perception of the importance of qualified community interest news.
  3. 3.Lack of enthusiasm of the concerned authorities to broadcast human

Considerable above all, a news agency is a significant and influential practice. A Community Media News Agency is capable to formulate a big network within different media by its proficiency. By the establishment of a news agency, development news can reflect community interest and at the same time serve in different community media. In this context, an effective and a regular Community Media News Agency is required in Bangladesh.


  1. Disseminate community interest news and information has to build poverty free society
  2. Ensure community interest news and information flow to establish equity, justice and fairness within the every sphere of society.


  1. provide qualified and adequate community interest news to community media.
  2. support to community media to broadcast community issues in a proper manner. analyze the national problems from the community perspective.create a vast publicity within community level on concerned issues

Issues and Policy

Community Media News Agency will follow the principles of accuracy, decency, accountability and transparency. We believe in responsibility, not only for the authorities but also for the mass people and community. In this context, the issues of News Agency will be reflected human rights, good governance, democratic values, disparity on women, children rights, problems of ethnic minorities, scarcity of food- shelter- education- health, alarming growth of population, environmental pollution and hazards social violence, problems and unexposed prospects of the community will be the issues.

Community Media News Agency will work with the disadvantaged community to raise mass awareness and draw the attention of the concerned authorities.

Sources of Community Media News

Community news collected from different departments of the Press Information Department (PID) and government-run news agency Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) and other.

Flow of News dissemination

After collection of community news being edited will come out through 4/5 news bulletins every day. These bulletins will disseminate to community media.

Strategy of Adaptation & Implementation

Service program conducted in five steps: News collection, Selection & Editing, Send for Broadcast, Monitoring of Broadcast