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Community Media Policy, Law


Community Radio Policy 2008

March 12, 2008  Ministry of Information, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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National Strategy for the Implementation of Community Radio Installation, Broadcast and Operations Policy in Bangladesh 2012

Ministry of Information, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

This document details the main steps for the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) to implement the Community Radio Installation, Broadcast and Operation Policy (CRIBOP) of 2008 published by Ministry Infromation with support from UNICEF Bangladesh.

The National Strategy for the Implementation of CR policy places the GoB at the centre, having two pivotal roles: as regulator and facilitator, to enable community radios to become full-fledged partners in the development process of Bangladesh.

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National Broadcasting Policy 2014- Bangladesh Gazette 

Ministry of Information, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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 Code of Conduct Community Radio Operation in Bangladesh

The role of radio is indispensible in case of instant availability to get easy way of communication. But still there is no any radio media is standing to serve to specially raise voices for the different levels of grass root communities in our country. Community Radio Station can be specially designed to run by these marginalized communities, using their own language, ensuring their active participation and own management, where they can find reflections of their dreams through coordinating with their own local knowledge, culture and efforts with updated national and global knowledge and technology.

Having been influenced and motivated in this ideology, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) mobilized various NGOs, International and UN organizations and the members and specialists of different civil society groups by arranging  meetings, seminars, dialogues and publications and highlighted the importance and consequences of the Community Radio.

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) about Community Radio Setting up in Bangladesh

[In line with Community Radio Installation, Broadcast and Operation Policy, 2008 by Ministry of Information, Government of the  People’s Republic of Bangladesh]

A ‘community’ is considered to be a group of people who share common characteristics and or interests such as sharing a single geographical location i.e. a specific town, village, or neighborhood; sharing of economic and social life through trade, marketing, exchange of goods and services.

Community radio is, in effect, a form of public-service broadcasting, which serves a community rather than the whole nation. Community radio is an own resource of a community, which will reflect the outlook and attitude, norms and culture and thought and

ideology of the very community people.

A non-profit service will be in charge of ‘Community Radio’ broadcasting activities. It should be owned by a particular community, usually through a trust, foundation, or association. Its aim is to serve and benefit that community and create opportunity of flourishing the folk

culture, socio-economic practices and life-style of the community people.

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