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We believe that public bodies have an obligation to disclose information and that every member of the public has a corresponding right to receive information!!!

BNNRC Information Disclosure Policy

In line with Right to Information Act 2009  Ministry of Information, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

BNNRC Information Disclosure Policy has been approved on  August 2011 by Board of Trust of BNNRC

Name of the BNNRC Information Officer (Designated):



Ms.  Protiva Banerjee

Program Officer

Contact:  +8802 9130750, + 88029101479  Extension: 115

E- Mail: |

Appeal To:

AHM Bazlur Rahman| Chief Executive Officer|BNNRC|

Cell: +8802 9130750, + 88029101479- Extension: 102

Responsibilities of Designated Officer

Every authority is legally bound to appoint a Designated Officer for each of the information providing units at central, divisional, district and Upazila at the lowest level.

Consult the list of Designated Officers in the Document Library to find out whom you require to have your required information. The Designated Officer shall render reasonable assistance to the persons seeking information. If a rson is unable to make a request in writing, he may seek the help of the DO to write his application. Where a decision is taken to give access to a sensorial disabled person to any document, the Designated Officer, shall provide such assistance to enable access to information, including providing such assistance to the person as may be appropriate for the inspection.

About BNNRC Information Disclosure Policy:

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication (BNNRC) is a national net working organization supporting Right to Information for ensuring improved livelihood of the marginalized, ICT for Development for Bridging the Digital Divide in rural areas and Community Radio/Community Media for amplifying voices for the voiceless.At present BNNRC works with partner organizations across Bangladesh to create conditions for vulnerable and marginalized people to raise their voice for better governance, fulfillment of human rights and access to information for wider community.

BNNRC support revolves around four thematic programmatic areas namely 1.Communicating in public Sphere; 2) Communicating Knowledge 3) Civil Rights in Communication 4) Cultural Rights in Communication. BNNRC work with partners demonstrated that the poor are deprived in multiple ways because of lack of information. Since 2000 Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) decided to work with right to information issue. As news of the governance and development aspects of RTI and its popularity among ordinary citizens grew, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication as a human rights and governance focused organization started to strategize on creating a demand for the law.
Working with partner’s organizations, BNNRC realized that transparency and accountability of public institutions was essential if the poor and marginalized people were to get better services. Looking at examples of other countries where RTI regimes have changed the outlook of public institutions, BNNRC with others embarked on a mission to facilitate the enactment of the RTI law.

As a concerted effort and constant demand from civil society the Care taker Government passed the RTI Ordinance on2008 and the Right to Information Act was passed in the parliament on 2009.As a pioneering and spearheading organization to promote RTI, BNNRC believes that information should be disseminated to people as much as possible. The need for developing a guideline to ensure preservation and availability of information to the citizen becomes imperative to BNNRC.

It is expected that this policy guideline will help BNNRC to restore and open its documents to public as per the RTI Act 2009.

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About Right To Information Act in Bangladesh , Please visit :

[An Act to make provisions for ensuring free flow of information and people’s right to information]

About Right To Information Rules and Forms in Bangladesh, Please visit:


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