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Community Rural Radio Krishi Radio 98.8

Community Rural Radio Krishi Radio 98.8 is the only government community radio, which was established by Agricultural Information Service. The programs of the radio are so popular that the listeners have formed two listeners group by their own initiatives. The station receives a huge numbers of calls from the listeners everyday

Different government and non government organizations invite Krishi Radio to participate in their discussions and workshops. Moreover, the station also get requests to air different government and non government notices.

Krishi Radio, located in Borguna’s Amtoli, has started is test transmission on January 1st this year. This is the only government community radio among the 14 community radios. The radio was established under the agricultural ministry’s Community Rural Radio Project, assisted by the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization. The station has begun its journey with the slogan that “Amar Radio, Amar Kotha Bole”.

Farmers of the community are very much hopeful with Krishi Radio, with one vegetable farmer saying that no one will be able to cheat them now, as they can know details of the daily market price through this radio.

Station Manager of Krishi Radio, inormed that as a non profitable organization, the radio broadcast programs on Agriculture, Trade, Education of the community, Health & Society, Women Rights, Rural Development, Environment, Weather and Culture.

10 officials and employees from the agricultural division have been working as full time workers at the station. Moreover, 60 volunteers of the station are being trained by Bangladesh NGO’s Network for Radio and Communication, and some other organizations.

Krishi Radio is now airing programs between the hours of 9am to 11am and 3pm to 5pm. A news program, comprising of local, national and international news, is aired everyday at 4pm.

The afternoon session’s programs are scheduled with awareness, agricultural and recreational programs like Pathshala, Tarunno, Banglar Nari, Pusti Kotha, Deho-Mon, Durjoge Amra, Jagoron, Khet Khamar, Goyal Ghor, Motso Jibon, Chader Kona, Alor Chhoa, Ekanto Alapon, Anurodher Ashor and Chithi Potrer Jobab. These programs are repeated in the morning session on the next day.

The station has 4 rooms in the studio; On Air room, Editing Panel, Recording Room and Transmission Room. Meanwhile, two practical training programs are held at the station level – assisted by the BNNRC. Moreover, officials and volunteers of the station are taking part in many training programs on human rights & reducing disaster damages in different places.

Meanwhile, Krishi Radio is facing many challenges and problems. For example, volunteers are irregular, as they are not being paid by the station; daily 4-6 hours of load shedding and high amount of electricity bill. The station has to take help from Bangladesh Betar’s regional branch of Barisal, as the station is 67 kilometers away from the divisional city of Barishal. Another big challenge is that number of listeners is relatively less outside the Upajilla sadar.

On the other hand, government and non government officials are not that much willing in participating in different programs of the station, as they demand honorary incentives from the station. Lack of skilled manpower is yet another challenge for Krishi Radio.

Trainings on operating special radio equipments like, recorder, console, receiver, telephone hybrid and transmitter, alongside program producing, Hardware & Trouble shooting and equipment maintenance are essential for the station.


Station Manager

Krishi Radio 98.8

Amtoli Upazilla Complex

Amtoli, Barguna

Cell: 01913 029381