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Name of the Project:  

Press Freedom 2.0

Strengthening BNNRC and Mobilizing Stakeholders for Community Media

Project Supported by: 

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) has been struggling for the last 12 years to open up the community media (including Community Radio, Community Television and Community film) and giving focus on its vital role as voices of the voiceless people. BNNRC has been addressing the community radio & community TV access issue for over a decade, almost since its emergence in the year 2000.

Press Freedom 2.0 programme starts implementing the project-“Connecting Voices, Strengthening Voices and Pioneering Voices”, in collaboration with Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication(BNNRC) and 03 other partners. BNNRC works with the same development objectives and mandate with support from Free Press Unlimited.

By implementing this project, BNNRC will contribute to the following expected outcomes of Press Freedom 2.0:

Connecting Voice: Community media and civil society networks from local communities of change contributing to processes of development voicing, reflecting and advocating the views and rights of the marginalised community.

Strengthening Voice: Organizational and financial sustainability of the media and grassroots organizations.

Pioneering Voice: Multistakeholder platforms/networks of excellence(media, civil society and grassroots organizations, universities and private sector) work together to realize new innovations that contribute to pluralistic and sustainable media

Project Objective:

  1. To strengthen BNNRC so that it is actively engaged and undertake innovative initiatives in lobbying and advocacy for improved legislation and law enforcement with regards to community media and Right to Information Act (RTI).
  2. To orient and sensitize the Civil society groups and other stakeholders regarding the importance of community radio,its sustainability,skills of the Media professionals involved and the Civil Society Groups to have a stronger voice and role.


Expeted Result/Outputs of the Project:

  1. BNNRC staffs received Knowledge and skill on Learning Need Assessment (LNA).
  2. Exchange of idea, experience and skills within the Radio Stations contributed in innovation, diversity and effectiveness
  3. Community Media News Agency (CMNA) initiated for the first time in the country (observed challenge and potential).
  4. The Resource Centre continued and functional at BNNRC to act as a “Help Desk” for the CR initiators (existing and upcoming)
  5. throughout the country.
  6. Community Media Academy strengthened by starting the process to update and review the information and material
  7. BNNRC website & Newsletter updated and published on regular basis-Knowledge exchanged and disseminated.
  8. Annual Review and Planning Meeting organized through a participatory manner.
  9. Civil Society Representatives, legislators and other Stakeholders met, discussed and sensitized on CR Trust Fund and Community Television.
  10. Stakeholders and Media practitioners both at local and national level- all met and shared idea and experience on the occasion of World Radio Day, World Press Freedom day and RTI day.
  11. BNNRC represented and networked in International Media Forums like ABU, AIBD, CMFE, AMARC, AMIC, GKP and United Nations(UN).


Project Duration: Jannuary- December 2015