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Radio Jhenuk

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Community Radio Jhenuk 99.2

Jhineidah is a small town, and the people are addicted to different programs broadcast by the Indian channels. However, Community Radio Jhenuk 99.2 has won peoples' mind within a very short time of establishment. Specially, the live and spontaneous participation of the listeners through sms or calls - prove the popularity of the station. Authorities informed that they get around 50 calls in 10 minutes during the Phone-In program.


Community Radio Jhenuk 99.2 is currently airing 12 hours of programs daily. Programs are being aired between the hours of 9.30am to 10pm, while the listeners enjoy an extra one hour on Thursday. 30 volunteers are currently working to produce different programs like informative programs, weather forecast, reading out important newses from the dailies and Guni Manusher Bani.




The program Jhenuker Kontho is usually arranged with the songs by local singers, while young generation expose their thoughts through the program Tarunner Uchchhas. A magazine program on different issues is also aired in the afternoon, which is a recorded program.


Moreover, a program is also aired, where listeners can listen to their requested songs. Jibikar Janala meanwhile provides news on different jobs, and ICT Bishwo has also stirred the IT worm listeners.


Meanwhile, Radio Jhenuk made the listeners able to inform their views on different issues of the society, while the program “Idea” exposes the peoples' thoughts on developments. The station has become able to stop three child marriage, and provide three lac taka aid to a nine year girl for her heart treatment – through these constructive programs.


Authorities estimate that their station has a regular 2-3 Lac listeners among total 15 Lacs listeners under its transmission range. Non government organization Srizoni Bangladesh has established Radio Jhenuk at their central office at Jhinaidah's Pobhati on December 17th, 2011. The station has already established a building- comprising of 4 studios and 7 rooms.

Transmitter and other equipments have been brought from abroad to maintain the standard of the station's sound quality. Employees and volunteers have been trained in different aspects, while all the 30 volunteers have been recruited from the community. These employees and volunteers are producing the news programs after recording different programs of the community.


Authorities claimed that the main goal of the radio is to empower the community's people economically and socially, and to work in reducing the difference between villages and cities in information and knowledge. The station is also working on empowerment of women & children and connecting the non developed people with the IT. Meanwhile, Radio Jhenuk is also helping the poor people and farmers through providing nutrition, health, education and

agricultural information.


The tendency of suicide is high in Jhineidah, while concerned people of the radio informed that they are giving special focus to this issue, and expressed hopes that Radio Jhenuk will be able to play a vital role in reducing suicidal tendency in the community.


Economic challenge is the main challenge of the radio, as the station is being run by fundings from the mother organization - due to lack of self earning sources. Meanwhile, presence of huge amount of trees in Jhineidah is hampering the transmission of the 100 watt capacity station. Concerned authorities have already raised demands to permit them using a 250 watt capacity transmitter.


On the other hand, the station has a scarcity of skilled manpower in technical sector, although employees and volunteer have been trained in different other aspects. Moreover, special training on news, to produce regular news, is also essential for the station.

Executive director of Srizoni Bangladesh, M Harun-or-Rashid expressed hopes that farmers, tribal people and people of different classes of the community will be the direct beneficiaries of Radio Jhenuk.



Station Manager

Radio Jhenuk 99.2

Srizony Bangladesh

111, Pabahati Road

Pabahati, Jhenidah-7300


Tel: +880451 63344

Cell: +88 01731 922647, +88 01926 888677

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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