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 international seminar on Community Media Sustainability: Strengthening Policies and Funding

Strengthening policies and funding for community media sustainability

An international seminar entitled “Community Media Sustainability: Strengthening Policies and Funding” will reunite broadcasting regulators, community and public media professionals, civil society and academic experts from more than 20 countries to innovate sustainability in the community media sector.

The seminar will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, from 14 to 15 September 2015 and promote favorable regulation, policy and funding of community radio and facilitate knowledge sharing on complementarity roles of national, community and commercial broadcasting.

An enabling legal environment that provides recognition and facilitates resources and support mechanisms is necessary for the long term sustainability of community broadcasters. They work on a non-profit basis and are tailored according to the specific needs and conditions of their respective communities. This means that favorable community radio legislation and financing have to take into account a multitude of existing business models within a given national media landscape.

A common finding is the struggle for legitimacy, financing, and professional capacity. Many community radio stations give in to influential bodies for survival or give up and move to something else. This is all the more worrying as community radio is an important vehicle for development in many regions of the world. It can improve awareness and knowledge of solutions to community problems ranging from rural development, culture, education, agriculture, hygiene and sanitation to local governance.

“Community radio can make a significant contribution to national life. It offers two-way communication within the community; [...] it is a means of education and a help in broader national development; and its benefits can be spread through broadcast technology from the locality to the regional and national level,” said Nepal’s Minister of Information and Communication, Jaya Prakash Gupta, in a speech delivered at the meeting for development of community radio in South Asia.

UNESCO’s Director of Freedom of Expression and Media Development underlines that free, pluralistic and independent media are key drivers for sustainable development,” says Guy Berger “Community radios [...] support democracy by enabling individuals to exercise their freedom of expression and right to access information.” He asserts that there is an invaluable pool of know-how and knowledge that can effectively be shared between regulators, broadcasters and wide-ranging stakeholders.

Case studies, concept papers and recommendations drawn from the seminar may be shared with parliamentarians, ministries, practitioners and the international community to facilitate partnerships, inform decision-makers and strengthen enabling environments for community radio worldwide.



Road2Korea: 3rd AMARC Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Assembly 

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2-5 December 2013


The Regional Board of World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters - AMARC Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that the 3rd AMARC Asia Pacific Regional Conference and Assembly will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 2-5 December 2013. 

The Korean Community Radio Broadcasters' Association  (KCRBA) will host the conference where community broadcasters and advocates from over 30 countries of Asia-Pacific region will gather to take stock of the sector and to chart the way forward.

The 3rd AMARC Asia Pacific Regional Conference is going to be one of the most important consultations for advancing freedom of expression and community development through Community Radios. It will be an important opportunity to review the status of community radios in the Asia-Pacific region and for setting the agenda of the sector for the coming years. A diversity of people, ideas, and issues will come together in the conference to review progress and plan strategies to deal with challenges facing the sector in the Asia- Pacific region.

The conference will host regional and international community broadcasters, activists, academic, policy makers, and donors to deliberate on topics ranging from content development for climate change adaptation, food security, and sustainable development to media legislation and community radio policies, media freedom, media democratisation, communication rights, right to information, community radio & new media, and access to community media and impact evaluation. Discussions will be organised on gender challenges, community radio for the marginalised including dalits, migrants, indigenous people, and sexual minorities (SOGI).

Community radio network and federations are welcome to bring in their delegations to the conference and collaborate in the forming of a strategic plan for the advancement of the community radio sector in the Asia Pacific region. Online registration details will be announced shortly.


For enquiries, please write to the Regional Coordinator AMARC Asia Pacific at

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The AMARC 11 Global Conference will be held in Accra, Ghana in December 2014


Montreal, June 16, 2013. The International Board of Directors of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) is pleased to announce that the Eleventh World Assembly of Community Radio Broadcasters will be held from 1 to 5 December 2014 in Accra, Ghana.


The Ghana Community radio Network (GCRN) will host the second Global conference of community broadcasters to be held in Africa, where community radios were born in the 80s and have made an important contribution to development objectives and good governance.


AMARC 11 will deepen the international solidarity needed to break the regulatory and other impediments that prevent Community Radio in Africa from thriving in Africa.  It will also showcase the international experience, including that of the host country Ghana, that demonstrates irrefutably why Community Radio is the resource par excellence of  the least voiced to enjoy their birthright to communicate and be counted as necessary partners for equitable and sustainable global development.

More than 500 community broadcasters and stakeholders from over 110 countries and all regions of the global community radio movement will gather at the AMARC 11 Global Conference from 1-5 December 2014 to, among other issues, improve good practices in community media; explore strategies to facilitate the establishment of enabling legal environments for community media development, to define knowledge sharing and capacity building models for action-research and mentoring; to reinforce content development leading to social change; to facilitate the inclusion of women and; to encourage the empowerment of communities through appropriation of community radio for social justice and sustainable, democratic and participatory human development.

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