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Name of the Project:



Project Funded by: 




International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC)






BNNRC has been struggling for the last 12 years to open up the community media (including Community Radio, Community Television and Community film) and giving focus on its vital role as voices of the voiceless people. BNNRC has been addressing the community radio & community TV access issue for over a decade, almost since its emergence in the year 2000.


CR-Directory-2BNNRC established the Community Media News Agency (CMNA), Community Media Academy (CMA) and Monthly Community Media to share development news & building capacity for the Community Media sector in Bangladesh. 


This proposal is specifically expected to address developing capacity of the CR initiators as well as the communities where the stations are going to be set up. It’s a new sector and the initiator organizations have scant management and technical skills. So the lacking needs to be addressed to get the stations beginning operations on a solid ground. The areas the proposal seeks to address involve technical, operational and management capacity, program design through the active participation of the community and on the basis of community needs.


The allocation will target to fulfill the most demanding area of the stations. Although each of the stations are now in operation, they are still not in a position to utilize their efforts and efficiency fully due to their depence on one transmitter. Currently, out of 14 community radio stations , only 03 have got their back up transmitters.


Therefore to fulfill the needs (demands) of other stations, it has been planned and set the objective to make the stations fully operational by providing supports for additional (back up) transmitter. The Radio stations will be provided matching grants for purchasing back up transmitters.


For that ,the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) of UNESCO allocation of  US $ 40 000 will be  distributed among 12 community radio stations through which each of the stations will get a one-slot grant ,the amount they will receive after submission of all relevant documents (quotation, procurement order, bills, vouchers etc.) against the purchasing of a back up transmitter .





Objective of the Project:

The project, by providing equipment and knowhow to Community Radio development in selected areas, aims to give marginalized rural communities a voice and the opportunity to take part in the development process.


The present version of the Project outputs may be described as below:


  • §11 Community Radio Stations will receive matching grant for setting up 10 back up transmitter.
  • §1 Community radio station will receive matching grant for setting up 1 main transmitter.


Project Duration: Revised


BNNRC Strives for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

BNNRC Strives for Achieving UN World Summit on The Information Society(UN WSIS) Action Plan

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