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Community Radio Chilmari 99.2

The 6.30pm news on Community Radio Chilmari 99.2 was delayed on June 2, 2012, while listeners of some of the areas could not even listen to the news due to some technical glitches. The listeners reacted highly to the incident, with around 5 hundred listeners asked over phone that why they could not listen to the news.

The listeners of Radio Chilmari not only inform their opinions and reactions on news, but also on other programs regularly. Within a very short time, this radio has become the one of the main medium of information-reaction of the community. Some of the listeners even come to the station in person – to put forward their comments about the radio. The door of the station is always open for the listeners.

Radio Chilmari is currently airing programs between the hours of 7am to 8am and 6pm to 7pm. The schedule includes programs on Agriculture, Education and Natural disasters, Srotar Ashor, different short dramas, Jingle and news on development. Since 1972, RDRS Bangladesh has been working for the socio-economic and cultural development of the poor people of the rural areas of Rangpur-Dinajpur region. Consequently, the initiative of establishing a community radio has came into effect.

Though the transmission began in January this year, Radio Chilmari was officially inaugurated on June 2. The numbers of listeners are continuously increasing – following the inauguration of the radio with a slogan “Shono Bahe, Jago Bahe”. Though no survey was made regarding the number of listeners, it is estimated that the radio has a strong 4-5 Lac listeners. Radio Chilmari has its own studio, a trained volunteer team and manpower of three members. Concerned people informed that more training is required on news producing.

Authorities meanwhile informed that ensuring information rights of the rural people, good governance, establishing human rights and creating awareness on local culture & disasters are the main goals of the radio. Moreover, three children radio clubs, with 10 children each, have been formed, who are working to flourish the talents of children.

A great public interest, surrounding the Radio Chilmari, has been created among the general people of the community. People are considering the station as their own radio, and the popularity of the radio is increasing day by day. Zahid Hasan, one auto rickshaw driver, observed that they feel good in listening to the songs – sang by their local singers. Meanwhile, concerned people opined that this community radio can develop mutual communication in the community, as the people of the Chor region almost remain detached at night.

Local journalists, in this regard, expressed hopes that the river split people of the region can be provided with weather broadcast through this station. Local residents meanwhile expressed hopes that this radio can play a vital role in creating mass awareness regarding agriculture in the Chor areas, health, education, culture, child marriage, polygamy, divorce, dowry system, women torture, population hike and birth registration.

Teacher, journalist and play-writer Nazmul Huda meanwhile observed that Radio Chilmari can play a great role in flourishing local culture, saying that total 8 hours of programs should be aired daily. On the other hand, Principal of Chilmari Women’s Degree College,

Muhammad Fazlul Haque opined that right history of the country’s liberation war should be exposed to the young generation.

Chairman of Noyar Hat, Ataur Rahman also observed that Radio Chilmari can be a place of trust to the people of the Chor region. Chairman of Durgom Ostomir Chor, Sohrab Hossen meanwhile claimed that the people cannot listen to the radio clearly, adding that news programs and frequency of the radio should be increased.


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