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Community Radio Mahananda 99.2

Local people of Chapai Nawabganj have cleaned and repaired their old radio sets, as they now eagerly wait to listen to the news and programs of Radio Mahananda. This community radio has given rebirth to the radio sets in this community – through its programs of self development and culture.

Earlier, people of the community had no scope of speaking on the mass media, but they are now able to speak their minds on Radio Mahananda – through spontaneous participations in programs, and sometimes through the radio correspondents. Radio Mahananda is playing a very significant role in the socio-economic development of the community by creating awareness among the people- regarding agriculture, health, women rights and education.

Community Radio Mahananda 99.2 was officially inaugurated in Chapai Nawabganj on February 1st, 2012, through initiatives taken by Proyash Manobik Unnoyon Society. Former Railways minister Suranjit Sengupta inaugurated the radio, and the station emerged successful within a very short time.

Listener’s choices are given top priority in producing the programs of Radio Mahananda, specially news programs based on local problems & possibilities have earned most popularity. Moreover, Chapai Nawabganj related national programs also get enough importance in the news, while listeners eagerly tune the radio at 6.30pm and 9.30pm to listen to the news programs of the radio.

10 employees and 20 volunteers are currently working for Radio Mahananda. Programs like “Ward Porikroma”, “Krishi O Jibon”, “Shishu Kontho”, “Gamvira”, “Ajker Chapai Nawabganj” and “Cafee Mahananda” have won peoples’ mind, while “Harge Geram”, a program produced in local language accent, is coming soon.

Radio Mahananda has already established three studios, one transmitter room, conference room, tower and antenna. Moreover, the station has a back up studio at the Proyash Manobik Unnoyon Society’s central office, around 8 kilometer away from the main studio. Programs are also being produced regularly at the back up studio.

However, Radio Mahananda is facing different challenges. For example, the station faces 2-3 hours of load shedding during transmission hours. As a result, the radio has to bear extra expenses in using a generator to run the station uninterruptedly.

Moreover, maintaining the station’s equipments is another big problem, as concerned technicians are not available at the local community. Meanwhile, trainings are being provided to the employees and volunteers of other sectors of the station to

overcome the current crisis.

Volunteers are not getting any payment, although they are working earnestly for the station. So, the question remains that how long they will work for the station without any payments. Another big problem is lack of commercial advertisements.

Though community radio regulations include that development advertisements can be broadcast, local advertisements are not available yet. As a result, self-sufficiency has now become a huge challenge, as regular subsidies are being spent to run the station.

Meanwhile, the radio cannot be listened clearly at the main city area, due to congested population and presence of large trees. So, maintaining sound quality is yet another challenge for the station.

Moreover, Trainings on writing Dharona*** letter & program planning, script writing, editing,program producing, as well as technical aspects are essential for the employees and volunteers of Radio Mahananda are essential for the station’s employees and volunteers, while training on news writing & package formation and news presenting are also necessary.


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