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Community Radio Mukti 99.2

Community Radio-Mukti 99.2 of Bogra has created its position among local community through broadcasting programs on child marriage, dowry, family violence, and eve-teasing. Although the station is located in the country’s one of the prosperous districts, thousands of impoverished and social problem affected rural people are currently under the network of Radio-Mukti.

The station started its journey on December 31, 2011 as a united voice of these deprived

rural people. It is situated at Sutrapur in Bogra’s Sherpur Road.Private development organization Landless Distressed Rehabilitation Organization (LDRO) received permission from the Information Ministry in 2010 to run the station. The radio is currently covering 17 kilometer areas, surrounding Bogura town on 99.2 FM band.

It is currently broadcasting between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Its news and programs have already created a good impression among the people of Bogura. Radio Mukti broadcasts several development programs on agriculture and other issues. Apart from this, it also airs educational and entertainment programs. The radio is prioritizing interests of local residents, and working as a spokesman of the community. The station is broadcasting regular programs against eve-teasing, child marriage, dowry and other social curses.

Currently 12 employed staffs are working for the radio.

They have received training in their respective fields. In addition, 105 volunteers are also working in root levels. Executive Director of Radio Mukti, Mirza Motiul Alam Bhutto informed that the station has plans to increase its broadcast time in future, through increasing the number of employees.

He added that, the radio is prioritizing agriculture, adult and children education, gender issues, primary healthcare, environment and weather, local market price, regional development– in producing their programs. For this reason, the station has become massively popular in the local arena. Farmers are receiving latest market price of their crops through Radio Mukti. Moreover, listeners regularly send text messages, giving their feedback, which is a sign that people listen to the radio. The authority informed that they emphasize listeners’ opinion in producing programs for Radio Mukti.

However, broadcasting frequency is currently the toughest challenge of Rdio Mukti because it is difficult to listen to the radio from many of the surrounding areas. In addition financial crisis is also persistent as well as electricity problem. Moreover it is in urgent need of some necessary equipment. The authority is further planning to train its staffs on news presentation, editing and recording.

Lecturer of Bogra’s Namuza Degree College, Rafikul Islam Bhandari said residents of the area were about to forget radio, but now a large number of people are listening to Radio Mukti. He also added that local farmers are reaping the highest benefit from this community radio, as they receive regular updates of prices of their produced grain.

Resident of Bogra’s Ramnagar area, Engineer Aminul Islam expressed hopes that Radio Mukti will play a key role in developing the standards of life of rural people in near future. However he stressed on maintaining a standard for the programs. Meanwhile, CNG-Auto Rickshaw driver Ramzan Ali said “the radio speaks very well, and we are now listening to the radio, and coming into contact with many unknown things.” Owner restaurant Padma

Foods, Emdad Hossain Babu said “despite the fact that a number of people are not paying heed it, the station will definitely bring good results for the community. Common people will get benefited from this community radio.

People from private development organizations and farmers listen to the programs of Radio Mukti. Many people opined that the number of educational programs should be increased, while publicity of the station is also necessary. It is important to raise people’s interest towards radio, and let them know that the station is working as a united voice of the commoners.


In addition a number of people emphasized on broadcasting programs in dialects to cover more listeners, while some other stressed on making educational programs with the participation of students from different institutions.


Station Manager

Radio Mukti 99.2

305/1, Jerin Tower (1st Floor)

Rahman Nagar (C&B Morh)

Sherpur Road, Bogra

Tel : 051 64308

Cell: 01911 388947(CEO), 01716 286573