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Community Radio Nalta 99.2

A few days back, 15 fishing boats with 70 fishermen from Shyamnagar upazila’s Koikhali union retreated safely from sea after hearing news of inclement weather, on Radio Nalta. Returning safely, the fishermen said their lives were saved by Radio Nalta’s weather forecasts.

This community radio has become a friend to the people of Satkhira’s coastal belt in disaster and distress. The station is airing news on natural disasters regularly. According to a survey, around 4 lakh people regularly listen to Radio Nalta’s news and programs. The most striking fact is that about 80 thousand fishing labors of the area regularly listen to the radio.

Local residents are planting trees which can adjust with climate change, and are getting directions on how to take preparations for natural disasters through Radio Nalta’s programs. In addition, farmers are receiving information on the use of fertilizers and insecticides, as well as how to get more profit from fish cultivation.

Residents of the community are also receiving primary health care suggestions by talking to doctors through the radio station. For all this above stated reasons, Radio Nalta is gradually becoming popular and trustworthy among the local residents.

Radio Nalta has been broadcasting a large variety of programs, since it was established on July 13, 2011 in Satkhira’s Kaliganj upazila with the patronization of Nalta Hospital and Community Health Foundation. Currently programs are being aired regularly between the hours of 8am to 11am, 2pm to 7pm and 9pm to 1am.

At present the station has 5 employed staffs, while 282 others are volunteering for it. Initiatives have already been taken to train the volunteers, as part of which some training workshops are arranged locally, while others are held in the capital Dhaka with the help of

BNNRC. “Suprovat Satkhira”, a morning show marks the beginning of everyday, while several other programs on agriculture, rural community development, adult and children education, health care of coastal people, mother and child’s healthcare and family

planning are also broadcasted. During times of natural disasters, the radio broadcasts cautionary forecast and healthcare related programs. Moreover, programs on environment and climate change are also broadcasted.

The people of the community are also provided with news on other issues, like demand of agricultural products, regular market prices, social development and recent upcoming issues. Above all different programs featuring songs, plays, literature, education and entertainment remain in the radio’s regular program schedule. Radio Nalta airs development news 4 times every day at 2.30 pm, 4.30pm, 6.30 pm and 11pm. However, station manager Sufian Sajol informed of several problems, of which, financial crisis is the worst. Although the station developed skilled manpower, it cannot give them any financial facility. Moreover, the station is in emergency need of one more studio, sufficient computers and voice recorders.

Additional cost for hospitality purpose is also necessary for improving quality of its programs. Besides training on storing information in computers, software and technical skill development is also needed to upload programs on internet. In addition, training on

sound mixing, as well as editing is needed for bettering the quality of programs. Meanwhile, experts opined that training should be provided on station management and collection of development and voluntary advertisements. Sajol further informed that they have to keep their programs off for several hours due to crisis of electricity and also for soaring prices of alternative fuel for running generator. For more information;


Station Manager

Radio Nalta 99.2

Vill: Nalta, Upazilla: Kaliganj

Dist: Satkhira

Cell: +8801713902783, +8801911611188