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Community Radio Padma 99.2

Radio Padma has begun broadcasting their programs apart from 18 hours everyday. In addition, all staffs of this radio are now regularly receiving remuneration, which is also a great achievement for a community radio. Regular payment is enabling the staffs to be more attentive to the radio, resulting in better program qualities.

Radio Padma began its transmission on October 7, 2011 in Rajshahi, a city on the banks of mighty river Padma. Information minister Abul Kalam Azad inaugurated the official broadcast. The community radio is named after the river Padma as education, culture and lifestyle of greater Rajshahi region are moving surrounding the river.

Center for Communication and Development (CCD Bangladesh) is a practice place of mass communication and journalism. The organization is carrying out several activities to increase professional skills of journalists, boost efficiency of regional media and raise enthusiasm for using communication a medium of people’s betterment – from the very day it was launched.

Radio Padma 99.2 is a social initiative among their large varieties of activities. Three soundproof studios, decorated with necessary equipment have been setup for making programs and news for Radio Padma. Various educational, entertainment and informative programs are being aired everyday between the hours of 7am and 1.30am. The key achievement of Radio Padma is building a young and efficient team through adequate training, who are currently working with sincerity to broadcast program and run the station.

Radio Padma 99.2 has become massively popular as a media among people from all walks of life from the very day of its inauguration. At present the station has a 3 lakh listener base, while thousands of them are giving their feedback through SMS about the radio’s program. People from surrounding areas have also showed interests to form listeners clubs for this community radio.

Noteworthy programs in Radio Padma’s daily and weekly program schedules are – Amader Muktijuddho, Bachte Hole Shikhte Hobe, Prantojoner Kotha, UnnoyonDhara, Padma-Parer Jibon, Narikontho, Jonotar Moncho, Tarunno, Shekorer Shondhane, Gunijon, Kobir Kobita, Valobashar Epith-Opith, Taray-Taray, Ain-Kanun, Jober Bepar, Ferari Bikel, Kanar Haat-bazaar, Mone Rekho Amay, Hey Nana, Sustho Thakun, Job Market, Agamir Taroka, Valobasho Mor Gaan, Baul Mon, Rajshahi Dot.Com, Amar Campus, Sine-Bangla, Gane Gane Adda, Hello Rajshahi, ShuvoKamona, Vinno Swader Matir Gaan, Banglay Gaan Gai, To-Let, Tomay Gaan Shonabo, Krira-Kontho, Gyanvandar and Ajker Rajshahi.

News based regular program Ajker Rajshahi is aired every day during each two hours gap between the hours of 7.30am to 1am. However, Radio Padma is facing financial crisis since it was initiated, as it did not received any financial assistance except transmitter and antenna collection.

Its initiator organization CCD has been spending money in setting up studio, buying equipment and staffs’ salaries. Currently Radio Padma needs 2 lakh and 80 thousand taka every month to run itself, 80 percent of which is donated by CCD. Moreover, the output of the station is not up to the mark, due to low quality of antenna and transmitter. For this reason it is urgent for the station to change its transmitter and antenna.

Staffs from the first batch of Radio Padma have increased their professional skills through proper training, but they now need follow up training. In addition the radio authority has chalked out plans to train new manpower for the station. The new trainees will need all types of radio related trainings.

Radio Padma is situated in a community comprised of people from different areas, including university, city, village and areas on the river banks. For the reason there is a variety among the listeners, which is from one aspect positive for increasing popularity of the radio, while coping up with the variety of listener is a big challenge. However, it is difficult to make programs and maintaining their standard by satisfying large variety of listeners. For more information:


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Radio Padma 99.2

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