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Community Radio Sara bela 98.8

SKS Foundation is initiated community radio Sara bela 98.8. There are many perennial islands, called ‘Char’ in the Jamuna River. People in Char areas suffer from perennial natura l disaster s being deprived of basic human needs such as health, education, communication and information services. Now the rural and marginalized community people of Gaibandha district will have direct access to discuss their own issues through Community Radio Sarabela 98.8. Having a radio at their doorsteps, now the community people will have scope to reflect on their problems and prospects in their local dialect in line w ith reducing voice poverty. Community Radio Sarabela 98.8 is ·supported by Embassy of Ja pa n and Palli Karma-Sa hayak Foundation (PKSF). Since 1987, SKS Foundation has been working for the socio-economic and cultural development of the poor people of the rural areas of northern region. Consequently, t he initiative of establishing a community radio has ca me into effect. Information Minister of Bangladesh Government Hasanul Haquelnu inaugurated the official broadcast of Radio Sarabela . The name of Radio Sarabela is coming through public competition and the naming winner was given prize in the inauguration ceremony.

Radio Sarabela is broadcasting the program strives to contribute to a society in which all forms of poverty, discrimination and injustice have been eradicated, and the marginalized rural community is empowered and mobilized to engage in their own development. Radio Sarabela works together w ith rural and char communities of Gaibandha district people to develop, produce and broadcast quality, sustainable programming with sound values to educate, empower, mobilize and uplift the social, economic and cultural lives of individuals, families and communities. The coverage area is all upazila of Gaibandha district. Radio Sara bela has well equipped of station of production and broadcasting room w ith modern facilities. A total of 34 staffs and volunteer are directly working in Radio Sara bela. The facilities and equipment were com missioned and installed with the support of Embassy of Japan; the signal is clearly received in Gaibandha and at more than 17km from the radio station .

Radio Sarabela is on-air in the program which started from 7:00 am and continued up to 11:00pm, aiming to ensure empowerment and right to information for the rural community of Gaibandha district. The broadcasting altogether 16 hours program per day on information, education, local entertainment and development motivation activities. Around 30 Youth Women & Youth volunteer from local community are now working with this Station as rural broadcasters.

Before designing the program, Radio Sarabela assess the community priorities, continuous feedback collection through meeting, facebook and other source like listener club. The programs are more focused on agriculture, health, empowerment justice & legal awareness for raising the voice of voiceless.                                                                                                                    ‘

With the slogan “Mati 0 Manusher Kache” Radio Sarabela broadcasts 16 hours every day, between 7am to llpm, a w ide range of programs in the local language of Gaibandha & north part. Topics include agriculture, fisheries, climate change, gender issues, livestock, disaster risk reduction, health, youth & children programs, as well as local songs and folk stories. To encourage community participation the program, different initiatives have been taken like as face book feedback, mobile feedback and Listener’s Letter.


Station Manager

Radio Sarabela

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