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Community Radio Sundarban 98.8

People living in Khulna’s Koyra and surrounding areas are now aware that there is a radio station, which is neither a government radio nor a commercial FM channel. Rather they came to know that it is just a community radio intended to hear and speak them, named Community Radio Sundarban 98.8

Everyday listeners send text messages, requesting their songs of choices, while many others simply make phone calls to request their songs. The most amazing thing is that, a number of people seeking to provide assistance, come to the station on Haat-Bar (a

day when weekly market sits) and drop their phone numbers to identify themselves. Radio station then makes call to those number when an emergency need arises.

There are currently 377 families of aboriginal Munda community living in the area. They also want to uphold their culture through Radio Sundarban. Meanwhile, the president of Munda Committee has already held discussions with Radio Sundarban authorities, as Munda’s firm belief is that they can highlight and flourish their nationality and own culture through this community radio.

The station of Radio Sundarban is situated at Amadi Bazar in Khula’s Koyra Upazila. The radio is currently covering 17 kilometer area, which include 7 Unions of Koyra upazila, 10 unions of nearby Paikgacha upazila, one union of Dakop upazila and Shyam Nogor

and Ashashuni upazila of Satkhira district.” Broadcast Team Authority for Sundarbans Integrated Areas of Bangladesh”, shortly known as Broadcasting Asia of Bangladesh is the initiator of this community radio. The organization is a sister concern of Advance

Welfare Foundation.

Radio Sundarban is also working to raise enthusiasm among the deprived terminal people for technical education. The aim of this community radio is to make these people capable of improving their own lifestyles and contribute to the national development. Radio-Sundarban is currently broadcasting their programs between the hours of 9am to 11.30pm and 4pm to 7pm.

A total of 97 listeners’ clubs have already been formed, with separate clubs comprising of people from various professions, including farmers, fishermen, rickshaw puller, student, housewives, teenagers and children. In addition initiatives have also been taken to form this

sort of listener clubs in other surrounding areas. The people who want to produce programs usually come through these clubs, while programs are also made after taking opinions from the members of these listeners’ clubs.

If any club makes their own programs, it is announced earlier so that all members of that club listen to their program. The radio authority is also thinking of rewarding the clubs, who will make good programs.

Appreciable programs in the radio’s current programs list are on awareness raising during disasters, necessary preparations for typhoon, and seasonal changes. Moreover, agriculture based programs have already become popular, with local farmers making queries of important information on agriculture. Upazila agriculture officer replies then to their queries through remaining present at the station. In addition, people want to know immediate news during natural disasters. Besides regular arrangement of listeners club, Srota-Shongho Porikroma and local and modern song programs are also popular. But the radio is yet to start news broadcast.

18 people, including 6 employed staffs and 12 volunteers are currently working for Community Radio Sundarban. They have also received trainings on several areas. However the authority thinks that skilled manpower is needed in preparing news and technical fields.


Station Manager

Radio Sundarban 98.8

Amadi Bazar, Koyra,


Cell: 01919 123232