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Name of the Project:

Engage Community Media for Elimination of Gender Based Violence-  Girl Power Program – GPP

Project Supported by:  Plan Bangladesh





Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication prepared this project in light of CRA Bangladesh country programme’s goals and objectives.

The organisation has taken initiative to launch a programme to sensitize and further activate the community media people (initiators and practitioners) to eliminate the violence against girls and young women, and discrimination. Because it has been observed that the media coverage on gender, gender based violence and other right based issues are not up to the mark. Rather it is getting less attention compare to other issues. Causes are numbers.

One of those most important causes is lack of professional skills and understanding of large number of journalists (including CR staffs), working outside Dhaka. Most of the news on these aforesaid issues not fully reached to the readers.

Keeping this in mind BNNRC prepared its project plan and the planned activities will be implemented in both way nationally and locally. 3 Major Focus Areas of Girls Power Program (GPP) –in line with Media and communication demands and BNNRC expertise are follows:

Girls’ Right to Information (GRI)

  1. GPP &Community Radio (CR)
  2. GPP & Information Communication and Technology (ICT)


Objectives of the Project:

  •  To increase capacity of the media practitioners and motivate them to contribute in writing/produce program on protection of girls and young women (Child).
  • To mobilize the local and nationwide community to internalize the importance on taking initiatives for protection of their girls and young women.
  • To disseminate information on gender, child rights issues among local as well as nationwide communities.


Expected Result/Output:

  • The extent to which targeted journalists/ media practitioners are aware on gender and child friendly news, articles and features publication in media.
  • Create and change in values of the local communities not to allow violence against girls and young women and ensure protection
  • Local girls have been introduced with ICTs, who have not accessibility and affordability to these technologies.
  • Media Practitioners are benefited with free access to resource   materials provided from the project.
  • Civil Society is sensitized and capacitated to represent issues related to vulnerable and marginalized girls and young women.


Achievement so far:

  • 130 journalists and media practitioners of print and electronic media from rural and national level have already got training and orientation on Gender and Child protection issues.
  • Trained media practitioners/journalists are more sensitized and active to write/produce on Gender and Child Protection Issues.
  • Wider audience of the target area better informed through regular Community Radio Broadcasting of Media Messages on gender equality, women’s and child rights and protection against violence.
  • Representatives of Civil Society Organization CSOs (14 initiator organizations of Community Radio were acted as BNNRC Partner Org.) are motivated to take action on Child Protection, Child Right and Gender issues.
  • More than 50 episodes on Girls and young women issues ( contents were selectected thyrough conduction of FGDs of the local target listeners) have been broadcasted through Community Radio Padma 99.2 (located in Rajshahi, northern part of Bangladesh)
  • BNNRC Partner CSOs (the CR initiators) are already producing Radio Programs on relevant issues and exchange their best practices in this regard.


Project Duration:  July 2011- December 2015