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Community Radio Bikrampur 99.2

Community Radio Bikrampur 99.2 is a relatively young community radio, located in Munsiganj, the district which is blessed with the footsteps of the inventor of radio, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose.

Though the radio is yet to be fully organized, it has created a great public interest – through its indoor programs within this short time. Local residents are considering the new radio as their own mass media, which will allow them to speak their minds, and express their joys, sorrows and thoughts on development.

Radio Bikrampur began its test transmission on May 1st, 2012. Programs are being aired between the hours of 4pm to 8pm, but the programs are yet to be well organized. “Chaici Tomar Bondhutta”, a Friday special program, has created a stir among local listeners. The radio authorities are also planning to produce different outdoor programs soon.

Station manager Jitu Roy informed that they have already set up their own studio, with almost 50 percent of the equipments ready for use. Once the station is fully operational, the range of programs will be expanded, he added. Bangladesh NGO Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and some other organizations are assisting the program production process, as well as the training for the employees. Moreover, the National Mass Media Institute is also providing major support in this regard,

Self-sustainability and keeping the radio operational are the biggest challenges of the station, as the station is currently being run by subsidies provided by entrepreneur organizations. For this reason, the authority is emphasizing on increasing the skills of the

employees and volunteers. Currently, 4 employees and 15 volunteers are working at the station, and they have received different trainings including anchoring, news presenting, station management, human resources development, and reporting.

However, further training on technical aspects, on operating the instruments, and on producing & editing programs – are also essential for the station. Programs of Radio Bikrampur are being transmitted on FM 99.2 in and around 17 kilometers of Munsiganj, with around 8 Lac listeners. Environment Council Bangladesh has set up the radio station at the city’s Deobhog area. Initially, the organization started transmitting programs through its own funding, with the goal to use community radio as a medium of development.

So, they have plans to layout their program schedule with news and programs on daily incidents, informative programs, disaster management, education, health, science and technology, problems and possibilities of the community, songs, plays and folk songs.

Principal of Government Horogonga college, Shukhen Chandra Banerjee observed that community radio can play a vital role in spreading education in the non-developed areas,

He meanwhile opined that the community radios should be a long term plan in developing the socio-economic arenas and prompt an awakening of the community, instead of being implemented as just a short term project.


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Radio Bikrampur 99.2



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