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Name of the project:

STRIVE – Strengthening Resilience to Violence and Extremism through Community Radio.

Supported by

Technical Support

Involved Community Radio:

  1. Borendro Radio, Ukilpara, Naogaon.
  2. Radio Sarabela, College Road, Radhakrishnapur, Gaibandha.


Duration of the Project: 09 Months (May 2017-January 2018.

Total Budget: US$ 44,650, BDT: 35,71,984.

Specific working area:

  1. Naogaon Municipal and Naogaon Sadar Upazila of  Naogaon District under Borendro Radio Broadcasting Area.
  2. Gaibandha Municipal  and Gaibandha Sadar Upazila of Gaibandha District under Radio radio Sarabela broadcasting area.


Key Stakeholders (specific) : Community Radio (CR) Broadcasters, concerned officials of the  CR Initiator organizations, BNNRC Staffs, Listeners, members of Law enforcement agencies, Ansar and VDP members, Chowkidars (sentries in the rural areas) , other officials of government departments, lawyers, psychologists, psycho-counselors, civil society groups/organizations, religious leaders, educational institutions (students, parents, teachers, other staffs and members of the local school committees), general people especially the youth male and female including various community leaders such as local elected members, socio-cultural activists, and local celebrities within the assigned CR Stations.

Project Goal: Strengthening community resilience in preventing and countering violent extremism

Project Objective:

  1. To enhance skills of young community radio producers to address violent extremism
  2. To increase the understanding of rural community people regarding countering violent extremism



  1. Direct audience/Beneficiaries:  50 young Community Radio journalists and Broadcasters and 3,000 rural community people (preferably the youth and youth women) of the selected 02 Community Radio Stations ‘audience area.
  2. Indirect audience/Beneficiaries: 20,000 listeners (2.5%) of the total listeners in 02 CR audience coverage areas.



Major Activities:

  1. Conduct a baseline survey on the situation of radicalization and violent extremism in selected two (02) Community Radio Station (CRSs) audience areas.
  2. Develop Training Module and Curriculum on resilience to Violence Extremism.
  3. Skill development Training (3 days) for the Radio Broadcasters (at national level).
  4. Orientation for the stakeholders and other radio broadcasters: on CVE issues and CVE reporting (at station level) .
  5. Formation and Orientation of youth Listeners Club.
  6. Radio Program production and broadcasting (radio magazine program).
  7. Radio Talk show (live).
  8. Five (05) Public Service Announcement (PSA) will be produced on CVE issues.
  9. A common theme song/signature tune (with duration of 40 seconds) on the program will be produced for the stations selected for the project.
  10. Youth Listeners Group meeting
  11. Multi-stakeholder meetings:
  12. Community Outreach events by youth Listeners club:
  13. Publication (Hand Book / Primer etc).


Expected measurable outputs (immediate):

  1. Baseline survey reports will be produced and make available to the project partners.
  2. A total of 18 participants (08 from 02 CR Stations, 04 national CVE experts, 04 from BNNRC and 02 from DI) will participate in 3-day skill development training at national level. The participating CR broadcasting will have required knowledge and skill regarding program production on CVE issues. A training module and Curriculum will be developed. BNNRC will preserve the training module, training program outline, budget, participants’ list, press release (document only for BNNRC) and event report with photographs.
  3. Orientation for the stakeholders and other radio broadcasters on CVE issues and CVE reporting (at station level): Total 02 workshops will be organized. Each radio station will organize a day-long orientation at the station level. The workshop will have two segments –half day session for orientation (theoretical) on CVE issues and the latter half day session (practical) will be on CVE reporting. A total of 35 participants (10 community radio broadcasters + 25 selected stakeholders from the locality) will join in the workshop. Each radio station will preserve the workshop outline, budget, participants’ list, press release (only for BNNRC documentation) and event report with photographs and make available to BNNRC.
  4. Two (02) youth listeners clubs will be formed in 02 stations taking 30 members in each club. They will meet and discuss on their outreach role to engage other youth forces of the community in preventing and protecting countering violent extremism in their area.
  5. A total of 48 radio magazine programs (20-25 minutes) will be produced in 06 months (each station will produce 04 programs per month).
  6. A total of 48 live talk shows (20 minutes) will be conducted in 06 months (each station will produce 04 talk shows per month).
  7. Five (05) Public Service Announcement (PSA) and a common theme song will be produced.
  8. Both the magazine program and live talk show will be broadcast on weekly basis. After broadcasting on a scheduled day in prime time, the programs will be rebroadcasted twice in the same week. PSA will be broadcasted within the format of magazine and talk shows. Besides the schedule, PSA can be broadcasted at least once in a day. The theme song (signature tune) will be tuned as prelude of each of the program.
  9. A total of 32 listeners’ group meetings (30-35 participants) will be organized during the time of 08 months. The group members will discuss on the prevailing situation in the area and what they can supplement to information and motivation campaign in their group level.
  10. Each CR station will organize 02 Multi-stakeholder meetings in the project period. Around 30 participants representing all individual groups will participate in the meeting.
  11. Each radio station will organize 02 events per month and the total number of events will be 24 in 02 stations within a period of 06 months. The youth listeners’ club members will take the lead in the process.
  12. A training module and curriculum will be developed by relevant consultant and later it will be produced as usable material. A leaflet will also be produced and printed. 

Each radio station will submit one monthly report to BNNRC and BNNRC will submit a quarterly basis report to the concerned representative of DI. BNNRC will deploy a Coordinator and a finance Officer on full-time basis to supervise and monitoring the overall project.

Based on the expected measurable results: (in a long term) it is expected that besides the target people (including 50 trained and motivated Community Radio Broadcasters) around 3,000 community people within the audience area of 02 selected Community Radio Stations will be motivated through this effort.  The proposed activities will contribute to better understanding the point of view of young people and other stakeholders, and provide a framework for social dialogue that will mobilize non-state actors at multiple levels to empower young women and men with values, knowledge, capacities and skills to hold exchanges, communicate and cooperate across social and cultural boundaries, enabling them to become responsible citizens and mobilizing critical thinking to counter radicalization including violent extremism. The activities will help the people (listeners) to develop their reasoning and they will get adequate argument to countering violent extremism at their own community level. Ultimately, this will contribute to strengthen their resilience by equipping them in 04 key areas; those are:  Respond, Protect, Pursue and prevent violent extremism.]

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